Concierge Benefits

We are a Concierge only medical office so that our focus is on high-quality medical care and premier customer service. We go the extra mile for our patients and individualize their care. This program is superb for those that value their health as a high priority. 

Membership is $1800/year, which includes the following with no additional fees:
  • An annual very involved Wellness/Executive Physical that includes ~$400 of lab tests, EKG, review of medical issues, preventative medical care, lung function testing if appropriate, and nutritional counseling
  • Traveler’s health advice
  • Phone guidance for significant situations, follow-up and out of town medical issues
  • Email correspondence
  • Same day appointments as needed
  • Extended appointment time for explanation and education regarding illness and concerns
  • After hours access to Dr. Soppe for urgent issues
  • Quick response by our entire staff to prevent emergency room visits and hospital stays when possible

Note that these are mostly first-class services not usually covered by insurance and our Concierge Fee helps us go that extra mile. Regular office visits, procedures, labs and x-rays will still be billed through insurance. This program is superb for anyone that makes their health a priority including: seniors, families, traveling business people, pro athletes, and people with multiple challenging medical problems.

We offer a free introductory meeting with Dr. Soppe to see if the program is a good fit for you. For more details or to sign up, feel free to call our staff or our account manager- Concierge Choice Physicians (877-888-5570).